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Personal Data Banking - Reinventing the Internet With Trust and Data Sovereignty


Every day, you and other consumers disclose large amounts of personal data without giving any thought to how valuable it is. This data is traded commercially on a large scale without consumers being rewarded or even informed about it. Our challenge is to give you control over how your data gets used (data sovereignty). We’re doing that by building a system for secure, standardized and GDPR-compliant data storage and sharing between trusted, verified participants in the data economy.


Idento.one provides you with a verified, digital identity, enabling you to easily identify yourself in the digital economy. We solve the GDPR issues surrounding the handling of personally identifiable information. It lets you manage and secure your data and assures your data privacy. Idento.one enables you to give third parties consent for using your personal data (and to withdraw your consent). It acts as your “data broker,” between you and companies wanting to use your data 


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Recruiting Cloud Platform Based on IDS Connectors

by Hannes Bauer, idento.one, and Simon Schlesinger, SCOPE



  • Verified, digital identities
  • Secure, decentralized data storage
  • You decide how your data gets used!


  • Scope
  • Polar Mohr

Main Technology/IDS Component

  • IDS Broker
  • IDS Connector
  • IDS Clearing House