The industries of tomorrow: IDS communities

International data spaces work across all industries and domains of activity. To that end, technologies, methods, organizational concepts and governance structures must be designed generically, to work with all. At the same time, IDS concepts must be adaptable to important cross-sector domains of activity that have specific requirements. That’s where IDS Communities come in.

IDS Communities are aligning tomorrow’s data solutions with common business needs

There are currently four IDS Communities, consisting of relevant stakeholders from industry, research and government, that are developing blueprints for data sovereignty in the areas of mobility, industry, logistics and medicine.

Industrial Community

IDSA’s broad goal is data sovereignty across a secure, vendor-independent network. But we know that industrial business ecosystems also have their own special requirements — standards, capabilities, governance and more — that will drive the future of global production and smart manufacturing. The IDS-I Community exists to tailor IDS principles and technologies to these unique demands.

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The Industrial Community is an international coalition of industry partners that unites more than 60 organizations from around the world. The. objective: Mapping IDS concepts and principles of data sovereignty to the requirements of the industrial sector.

The IDS-I Community will strengthen the link between IDSA and the Platform Industrie 4.0 as well as the Industrial Internet Consortium and formal liaison partners in the industrial sector, such as the Robot Revolution Initiative, the Industrial Value Chain Initiative, the Data Trading Alliance and the OPC-Foundation.

On a mission for global industry

Gathering requirements for data sovereignty for industry applications.

Mapping requirements to IDS and Platform Industrie 4.0, a platform developed by Germany to digitally transform industry.

Derive profiles of IDSA/PI4.0 specifications that support the requirements in industrial business eco-systems on the basis of standards and by means of common governance models.

Explore the Industrial Community’s position papers

IDSA Position Paper Data Sovereignty - Requirements Analysis of Manufacturing Use Cases

Data Sovereignty – Requirements Analysis of Manufacturing Use Cases

Position Paper 2022 | Version 1.0

Data Sovereignty – Critical Success Factor for the Manufacturing Industry

Position Paper 2021 | Version 1.0

Mobility Community

IDSA’s mobility community aims to drive Europe’s automotive sector into the future. This sector is a crucible of innovation that’s mission-critical economically and politically for Europe, in the global marketplace. A successful mobile future is also key to maintaining and growing the nearly 14 million jobs the industry currently provides in Europe.

Promote IDS for better mobility

Success requires mobility to be better for its users. Customer-centricity is no secret to business success. Therefore, the key is to be better. And since IDS became an official DIN standard in 2020, now is the time.

Create and communicate content

The mobility community creates content to add a new and valuable dimension to the industry’s current perspective on the future of mobility. There is no shortage of stories on mobility. Our contribution is to show how IDS will take things to the next level. Then, we have to spread the word, evangelize, and get decisionmakers to understand why IDS needs to be part of their next-generation data solutions.

Read our mobility paper

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Prof. Dr. Chris Schlueter Langdon

Mobility with IDS: Adding tht "N" in NPM to RealLab HH

Prof. Dr. Chris Schlueter Langdon

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Prof. Dr. Chris Schlueter Langdon

Logistics Community

The IDSA logistics community was formed to drive industrial data spaces that address the characteristics and complex nature of global supply chains and transportation/distribution networks. The community aims to adapt and extend the general concepts of IDS to provide a specific implementation of logistics data spaces.

Learn more about the Logistics Community

Logistics Community

Whitepaper, PDF

Medical Community

Data is rapidlly becoming the new horizon of health care, enabling powerful tools and methods for P4 medicine (preventive, predictive, participatory, personalized). Medical data is often connected to individuals’ health records, requiring scrupulous attention toprivacy and security concerns. Data sovereignty becomes paramount.

The IDSA Medical Community’s top priorities:

Co-creation: Joint identification of real-world problems in the health care and life sciences industries

Implementation: Realization of use cases on top of industry solutions

Data sovereignty: Development of guidelines and concepts ensuring the sovereignty of the individual (patient or health care consumer) as “data owner”

Data economics: Definition of business models for businesses driven by health care data, with special attention attention to data ethics and legal affairs



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