Head Office

We’re from the head office and we’re here to help

International data spaces may be virtual, but IDSA’s head office is a real place buzzing where essential operations happen, and where you can find your contact partners. We’re located at the TechnologieZentrum Dortmund. 

What we do here

The head office’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Member engagement
  • Internationalization
  • Marketing and communications
  • Organization and processes
  • Strategic planning and government relations

Julien Adelberger

Senior Project Coordinator

Aynur Arslan-Bilgin

Administration & Process Manager

Mariano Blaya

Director of Delivery

Silvia Castellvi

Director Research & Standardization

Gianfranco Cecconi

Chief Solutions Officer

Ilknur Chulani

Senior Program Manager

Anna Derevianko

Anna Derevianko

Membership & Administration Manager

Domenic Franke

Administration & Project Manager
Olga Galanets

Olga Galanets

Senior Project Manager

Antoine Garnier

Antoine Garnier 

Senior Consultant & Innovations Manager

Giullia Giussani

Giulia Giussani

Digital Innovation Manager

Olga Galanets

Carlos González Ruiz

Ecosystem Operations Manager

Maurice Hagemann

Administration & Project Management

Dr. Mario Holesch

Senior Consultant & Innovation Manager

Susanne Immel

Susanne Immel

Secretary of the Head Office

Thorsten Huelsmann


Sonia Jimenez Moreno

Director Data Space Technology

Andreas Kembuegler

Head of Global Events

Juri Kembuegler

Web Content & Project Management

Antonia Kuster

Digital Communications Manager

Kateryna Kot

Kateryna Kot

Community & Project Manager

María Fernanda Luna López

Project Management

Lars Nagel


Christoph Mertens

Head of Adoption

Mouna Oraij

Project Management

Tobias Prasse

Director Marketing & Communications

Jessica Rombs

Project Management

Nafiseh Shadman

Graphic Designer

Sebastian Steinbuss


Shani Tiran

Senior Consultant & Innovation Manager

Anil Turkmayali

Senior Project Manager

Any questions? Contact us!

Susanne Immel

Your contact person:
Susanne Immel
Secretary of the Head Office

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