Accelerating the adoption curve

The international data spaces (IDS) standard allows companies to implement the sovereign, secure data solution of the future right now. Here’s how we’re helping everyone get on board.

Adoption is a process 

It’s a truism of technology innovation that the adoption of any new technology follows a path like this:

Gather knowledge and find your role

Get a better understanding of IDS core ideas and identify whether your company needs an IDS solution or aspires to support others in creating data spaces.

Create your data sharing use case

Transform your business need into an IDS-based data sharing use case and connect with others to co-create or get support in your journey.

Build the necessary components for your use case

Identify the specific components needed for your use case and get support to design and develop them.

Prepare for bringing your use case to life

Go through IDS certification and finalize the preparation of your components for getting into a data space.


Go Live and benefit from secure and sovereign data sharing.

At the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) we want to accelerate adoption, and help speed organizations of all sizes along the path to embrace IDS so they can enter into the future of the data economy as soon as possible. That means we want as many as possible to participate in IDSA and learn about IDS. Participation enables companies to see for themselves why and how to embrace data sovereignty and implement IDS technology into products and systems.

Here’s how we can help

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In partnership with all our members, IDSA offers hands-on workshops where you can learn about building IDS technology into your products and getting components IDS-certified.

Implementation partners

Imagine having experienced partners at your side to help you implement data spaces. IDSA works together with many different organizations who serve as implementation partners, ready to help you along your adoption journey. All you need to do is contact us to get connected.


Any software engineer knows that for a product to be market-ready, it has to be tested. IDSA and our partners offer four testbed environments and multiple opportunities throughout the year for companies to test IDS components. Learn more here.

We help companies become early adopters of IDS. Our members are already reaping the benefits of secure and sovereign data exchange for their businesses.

Giulia  Giussani, Digital Innovation Manager, IDSA

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