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We are more than 140 organizations – innovators across industries – who share a vision of a world where data providers enjoy true data sovereignty and realize the full value of their data in secure, trusted, equal partnerships. We are working together to make this vision a reality.
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We’ve brought together companies, scientists, lawmakers and all other relevant stakeholders in an open, not-for-profit coalition to create the all-important technical standard that will make this future economy possible. Join the more than 140 member organizations that are working together to drive a new vision for a global, digital future in Europe and worldwide.

IDSA in Europe

Data spaces are key to the global, digital economy. The European Commission is defining Europe’s path forward into the digital economy of the future. A core element of their vision: international data spaces grounded in European values of trust and the self-determination of data usage by data providers that we call data sovereignty. IDSA’s framework and the International Data Spaces Reference Architecture Model (IDS-RAM) are integral to the overall EU data strategy.


It takes more than a cloud to turn data into a data economy. Companies have to be able to share their data in ways that they control. GAIA-X is delivering the infrastructure that enables that secure, trustworthy data-sharing and monitors compliance. The International Data Spaces (IDS) standard, which enables open, transparent and self-determined data exchange, is a central element of the GAIA-X architecture.


International data spaces could never happen without the concerted collaboration of all members. Theyare IDSA, steering our steering committee, leading working groups and task forces, heading our communities and adoption initiatives and playing key roles in the organization itself.  


IDSA’s secure, cross-sector solution for global data sharing is built not only on a strong technical foundation, but also on a rock-solid foundation of leadership, with an executive board of top business and science leaders drawn from multiple industries and perspectives.

Head office

International data spaces may be virtual, but IDSA’s head office is a real place where essential operations take place and where you can find your contact partners. We’re located at the TechnologieZentrum Dortmund.

With the founding of the International Data Spaces Association, the business and research communities are actively participating in the design of a trusted architecture for the data economy. The goal of the IDSA is to ensure data sovereignty through an open architecture for peer-to-peer networks that enables usage control of data from all sectors.

Thorsten Hülsmann, CFO, IDSA

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