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Where collaborative data space innovation happens 

The open-source portfolio of IDS building blocks is a collective development environment where you can find IDS components in a variety of implementations, and you can work with others on IDS ideas transparently and collaboratively. Everyone is welcome to participate.

How can you be part of IDS Open Source?

We welcome all interested parties — either they are contributors or external reviewers — to join IDS Open Source. You can find more information on our GitHub repository. To contribute, you’ll need to sign into your GitHub account, or create a free account if you don’t have one.

GitHub is the creative workspace where you can comment on the code, add to it and build it into something new. It gives everyone a new kind of control, making coding more fun and more productive. But GitHub is not only for geeks. It is IDSA’s knowledge base where you can learn more about the fundamentals of our work, how to build data spaces and the IDSA graduation scheme. But these are just a few examples. 

Collaborative creation

The open-source environment is efficient, agile and transparent; it creates a collaborative atmosphere that welcomes ideas, contribution requests and feedback. Everyone involved in IDS wants implementations to reach the highest quality possible — the IDS Open-Source landscape maximizes the possibilities.

Become a contributor

IDS Open-Source repositories are the place where fruitful discussions happen. You can use this opportunity to meet other members of the community, review the code, provide feedback, report bugs, and improve the quality and functionality of end products.

Are you a project owner looking to move your implementation into IDS Open-Source landscape?

Collaboration among partners is the core of IDS and key to a thriving data economy.


Are you interested in contributing to or commenting on a specific project?

Check out the existing projects on GitHub and contact the appropriate project teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is maintaining the repositories?

The repos are maintained by each project’s respective maintainers. This decision is made by the project teams.

How is the development and collaboration workflow managed?

All projects have their contribution guidelines ( and code of conduct files available. Anybody who is interested in contributing is more than welcome. The steps are explained at the bottom of IDSA’s GitHub page. Anybody who is interested in contributing is welcome to join the team and contact project maintainers and create issues to share their ideas and questions with the project teams.

Are there terms and conditions for using the existing codes?

Most of the projects are under Apache 2.0 license and explanations about licensing conditions can be found in each project’s repository.

Any questions? Contact us!

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