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Open to all: Our task forces address complex, cross-functional challenges. Together, we work towards achieving defined goals to drive the global data economy.

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IDSA task forces are open to all, comprising individuals with interest or expertise in the area at hand. Task forces address complex, cross-functional challenges, requiring input from multiple stakeholders. Together, we work towards achieving defined goals or objectives before disbanding.

Task Force China

The Task Force China is a group of professionals aiming to promote data spaces and position them as a de-facto standard for secure and trusted data sharing in China and the world.

In today’s data-driven world, the exchange of industrial data is becoming increasingly prevalent. As technology advances and new standards like IDS emerge, it is vital to ensure interoperability by enabling companies to participate in decentralized and federated dataspaces. Our primary purpose is to develop technology and define the existing mechanisms through which IDS handles situations involving industrial and cross-border data sharing in China.

Join the Task Force China to play a crucial role in developing IDS-based technology for cross-border data sharing.

Moderator of the task force

Antoine Garnier

Thorsten Hülsmann

International Data Spaces

Task Force Energy Interoperability

The Task Force Energy Interoperability aims to define a framework to achieve inter data space interoperability in the energy domain, implement it in specific use cases, and document both the framework and its implementation. Additionally, it establishes communication channels with standardization committees to contribute to industry standards.

Activities of the task force

The Task Force works on a common position paper that describes:

  • State of the Art and Standards
  • Data space governance and interoperability
  • Definition of energy interoperability framework:
  • Technical, Semantic & organizational interoperability
  • Existing interoperability tools and platforms
  • How to achieve cross-domain interoperability
  • Benefits of inter-data space interoperability for actors of the energy domain

Moderator of the task force

Sonia Jimenez

Sonia Jimenez Moreno

International Data Spaces Association

Task Force Legal Framework

Legal aspects are crucial in ensuring innovation and safeguarding sovereignty within data spaces. The Task Force Legal Framework has been established by IDSA to discuss and align legal issues with other initiatives, strengthening IDSA’s internal and external positioning on legal matters.

The Task Force Legal Framework has two areas of activity: public voice and tasks and solutions. Public voice involves external communication with stakeholders, providing input to regulatory proposals and proactive impulses on legal issues. Tasks and solutions support working groups and projects, finding answers to general regulatory questions and specific contractual issues.

Moderator of the task force

Dr. Söntje Julia Hilberg

LL.M. | Lawyer | IT | Data Privacy

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