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Welcome to IDSA’s “workshop” where theory meets practice and ideas are put into action. Our members work in teams to co-create the IDS standard; and build IDS based solutions for their own domains to push IDS further towards market-readiness. It’s exciting, it’s happening now and it only needs you to go the next mile.
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Open source

The open-source portfolio of IDS building blocks is a collective development environment where you can find IDS components in a variety of implementations, and you can work with others on IDS ideas transparently and collaboratively. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Working Groups

Our working groups are IDSA members co-creating the standards and characteristics for international data spaces. Join us!

Hubs, competence centers, labs

The IDSA has inspired a strong network of international hubs, competence centers and labs  that share knowledge and information about IDS in countries across the entire world.

R&D Projects

IDSA leaves a footprint in European and national research – these projects are important pillars to bring IDS to life, to develop fundamental concepts, to test proofs of concepts and to stimulate the adoption and proliferation of IDS 


IDS Communities are aligning tomorrow’s data solutions with common business needs across all industries and domains of activity. There are currently four IDS Communities, consisting of relevant stakeholders from industry, research and government, developing blueprints for data sovereignty in mobility, industry, logistics and the medical field.


IDSA’s liaisons are major digital initiatives that are working with IDSA to connect IDS concepts and standards with broad-based national and industry digital strategies, business needs and specific applications worldwide.

When businesses can really trust their data-sharing ecosystem, it stimulates innovationeases processes and drives growth!

Christoph Mertens, Head of Adoption, IDSA

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