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The IDS Reference Architecture Model 

Data is rapidly becoming business’s most valuable asset — but it can only deliver on its full value when you put it into use and share it in ways that you, as the data provider, determine and control. International data spaces (IDS) are where this kind of trustworthy, self-determined exchange can happen, and our Reference Architecture Model (IDSRAM) sets the standard for building data-driven ecosystems, products and services. Here’s where you’ll find everything you need to know to get started.

IDS reference testbed

The IDS concepts, architecture, and components form the standard for sovereign data sharing. To move from theory to practice and to achieve large-scale adoption, technical components must be tested for interoperability compliance. For this reason, we have created the IDS Reference Testbed.

Data connector report

The Data Connector Report comprehensively documents all existing implementations of data connectors and offers valuable information on their present state of development and usage.


Our goal is to establish international data spaces that guarantee data sovereignty and safe collaboration between partners. The foundation of IDS is trust, which must be established through a rigorous, transparent certification process. Find out more here.

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Our keyword is data sovereignty–the IDS architecture ensures data sovereignty for those who make data available in data ecosystems. This means that data providers always keep control. They decide who uses their data for how long, for which application and according to which terms & conditions. 

Sonia Jimenez Moreno, Senior Consultant Programme & Stakeholder Management, IDSA

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