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Do you want to grow your business or learn new technical skills? We make it easy for you to get started with the Data Space Professional Qualification Program. Our courses are built on the neutral, vendor-agnostic, and state-of-the-art IDS framework, designed to cater to all levels of expertise from beginners to advanced professionals.

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The Data Space Professional Qualification Programme is the result of the joint work from experts of the Association. Their common work in the Working Group Training enabled to validate IDSA Qualifications now open for learners. The program awards learners with unique IDSA Certificates through an assessment that will help to enhance their career path.

IDSA Qualifications offer two competence levels: Fundamentals and Qualified. The Fundamentals level focuses on providing essential knowledge about data space-related topics. The Qualified level is role-based, teaching the necessary skills and building blocks for future professional roles.


The competence level Fundamentals provides essential knowledge about data spaces helping professional to grasp the concepts and main benefits of data sharing.


The competence level Qualified equipes professionals with the skills to develop and implement comprehensive strategies and solutions based on data space technologies.

Data space fundamentals

The Data Space Fundamentals qualification is a professional qualification that provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of data spaces and their key aspects such as data space governance, trust and data sovereignty or business models and value creation. It is an essential step for anyone willing to be a part of the growing data spaces ecosystem.

The challenges you address with the course:

    • Easy to understand business benefits of data spaces
    • How data space can be helpful for me?
    • What is a data space? Give me an easy explanation
    • I am required to share my data through a data space, what does it mean?​
    • What does it mean to set up a data space?

By the end of your course, you are able to:

    • Identify potential applications of data spaces​
    • Communicate effectively about data spaces concepts​
    • Participate in data spaces initiatives at an entry-level​
    • Contribute to basic data space tasks under supervision

The competences you have acquired:

    • Core concepts of data spaces (architecture, governance, trust…)
    • Clear understanding of key stakeholders and their role
    • Familiarity with relevant data regulations impacting data spaces

Data Space Business Consultant

(Available September 2024)

New business models and innovative services based on data space technologies are growing rapidly. The Data Space Business Consultant qualification from IDSA will teach you how to develop an adoption strategy aligned with your business objectives. This qualification is aimed at professionals with experience in business consulting and data managers within organizations.

Data Space Technical Consultant

(Available December 2024)

Rapidly growing ecosystems based on data space technologies call for well-versed IT specialists. The Data Space Technical Consultant qualification from IDSA will show you how to design secure and scalable data space solutions. It is aimed at IT professionals with experience in data integration, security, cloud technologies, and consultants eager to design architectures for data space solutions.

Skilled professionals are essential for ensuring a definitive and successful implementation of data spaces. At SQS, we recognize this crucial requirement. The Data Spaces Professional Qualification Programme provides you with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills. Developed in alignment with industry best practices from the IDSA Work Group Training, this program ensures you master the latest advancements in data space technology.

Begoña Laibarra, CEO, SQS

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