Our mission and vision

IDSA is on a mission to create a digital future, across Europe and around the world; in which all players can realize the full value of their data through equal access to secure and sovereign data exchange among trusted partners.
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Our mission and vision

It is time to change the way data is shared. We want to pave the way for a data economy in which every company and every person keeps full control over their data treasures. We believe in a data economy in which you do not rely on a solution that is owned by one big player. This is why we create the required standards for data spaces which grant data sovereignty to all participants to share data without regret.

Our mission is to advance the IDS standard and drive innovation, awareness and global adoption of data spaces to ensure data sovereignty, meaning staying in control of access and usage of your data, for all participants.

Data Sovereignty

IDSA aims to enable data providers, of all types and sizes, to determine what happens to their data and define how, when and at what price others may use it across the value chain. We call this data sovereignty.

Data Spaces

Our vision depends on data spaces – which comprise relationships between trusted partners that are governed by the IDSA standard for secure and sovereign data exchange, certification and governance for business and industry across Europe and around the world.

Global standard

We aim to create a global standard for International Data Spaces (IDS), as well as fostering technologies and business models that will drive the data economy of the future in Europe and around the globe.

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The IDSA unlocks the data economy of the future by providing the access code for secure, self-determined data exchange among trusted partners. The IDS standard will change the way the world shares data.

Lars Nagel, CEO, IDSA

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