Brochures ‘n stuff

Download comprehensive material providing an accessible overview of our mission, goals and activities for future members, clients and media representatives. 

Image Brochure: International Data Spaces – Enabling Data Economy

September 2021

IDS – The Standard for Data Sovereignty

IDS – Der Standard für Datensouveränität

Fact Sheet and Core Statements

August 2019

The Role of IDS for the European Data Economy

Oktober 2019

DEKLARATION - IDS als unverzichtbarer Bestandteil vertrauenswürdiger Cloud- und Datainfrastrukturen

Oktober 2019

Fact Sheet and Core Statements

August 2019

IDSA Fact Sheet und Kernaussagen

Executive Summary

Whitepaper October 2018

A new idea of sharing data

July 2017

Use Case Brochure 2019

Hannover Fair Edition | April 2019

Use Case Brochure 2018

Infographic: Understanding the IDS

Infographic: Farm and food