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Studies & external papers


Joint BDVA and CoE DSC White Paper


Ansätze für ein digital-ethisches Risikoassessment für Data Sharing Ökosysteme


European Data Spaces

Scientific Insights into Data Sharing and Utilisation at Scale

Winning with dataspaces like Catena-X: From Big Data to Better Data

Deep dive into Data Spaces - #2

German Standardization Roadmap Industrie 4.0

Version 5


A delimitation of data sovereignty from digital and technological sovereignty

Research Paper - June 2023

The 2022 World Manufacturing Report

Redesigning supply chains in the new era of manufacturing

Souveräner Datenaustausch als Enabler Künstlicher Intelligenz

Stand der Erkenntnisse aus der Industrie und Praxis


Guidance for the Integration of IoT and Edge Computing in Data Spaces

Release 1.0

Trustworthy Data

Data sharing, key to our strategic autonomy

Mobility Data Spaces and MaaS

Building a common, connected, and interoperable ground for the future of mobility

White Paper Mobility Data Spaces

Kollaborativer Datenraum Gesundheitswesen

Vorstudie über die konzeptionellen Grundlagen


Executive Summary in English

Reimagining Data and Power

Reimagining Data and Power

A roadmap for putting values at the heart of data

How data sovereignty enables the next future of automotive

How data sovereignty enables the next future of automotive

Take a deep dive into data spaces – #1

Open Source als Innovationstreiber für Industrie 4 0

Open Source als Innovationstreiber für Industrie 4.0

Expertise des Forschungsbeirats der Plattform Industrie 4.0


European Common Data Spaces

A report on challenges and opportunities

Linking Data Sovereignty and Data Economy

Arising Areas of Tension

Data for Common Purpose

Leveraging Consent to Build Trust

White Paper November 2021

Smart Digital Economy

What has Open Source gotta do with it?

White Paper January 2022

AI Marketplace Brochure

The Digital Platform for Tomorrow’s Innovations

Towards a Federation of AI Data Spaces

NL AIC reference guide to federated and interoperable AI data spaces

Europe’s Digital Decade and Autonomy

Study 2021

Gaia-X and European Smart Cities and Communities white paper

White Paper 2021 | Version 21.09

Digital Ecosystems & Composable Solutions

Where your Business meets Innovation

Towards a Data Economy: An Enabling Framework

White Paper 2021

GAIA-X Data Space Business Committee Position Paper

Consolidated Version for Industry Verticals

Predictive Maintenance for Wind Turbines – Energy Data Space Whitepaper

White Paper 2021

Data Sharing Coalition Blueprint

June 2021 | Version 1.0

Data Sovereignty and Data Economy - Two Repulsive Forces?

Position Paper May 2021

How to Share Data

Case Study April 2021


Data Sharing Canvas

April 2021

Data protection & data security in data ecosystems

White Paper 2021


Use Case Playbook

Playbook 2021

Posicionamiento sobre los Espacios de Datos

White Paper 2021


Digital Sovereignty – Status Quo and Fields of Action

March 2021


Predictive Maintenance for Wind Energy Plants – Energy Data Space Whitepaper

White Paper 2020


Why We Need a Data Exchange Board to Improve the EU Data Governance Act

December 2020

Data Sovereignty and Soft Infrastructure: Key Enablers of the European Data Economy

White Paper 2020

GAP Analysis: From Data Sharing Proofs-of-Concept Towards Operationalization of the System Architecture

December 2020

Towards a European-Governed Data Sharing Space

Position Paper 2020 | Version 2

Share to Gain: Unlocking Data Value in Manufacturing

White Paper 2020

Cyber Security Check

Guide | Version 2

Data Logistic and AI in Insurance Risk Management

White Paper 2019

Challenges and Potentials of a Logistic Data Space

Position Paper 2019

German Dutch Action Plan for the Smart Industry


Data Exchange as a First Step Towards Data Economy

PwC Study

Scientific publications

Data Spaces

Design, Development and Future Directions

October 2022

Designing Data Spaces

Designing Data Spaces

The Ecosystem Approach to Competitive 

July 2022

A Federated Infrastructure for European Data Spaces

by Boris Otto

April 2022

The IDS approach for cross-sectorial sovereign data sharing as enabler for extended supply chains: a dive-in into the automotive domain

Sovereign Data Exchange in Cloud-Connected IoT using International Data Spaces

December 2021

Constructing a Real-Time Value-Chain Integration Architecture for Mass Individualized Juice Production


The World of NDE 4.0

Let the Journey Begin

Data Move People – Mobility Data Spaces

Anthology 2021 | Version 1.0

The Elements of Big Data Value

Foundations of the Research and Innovation Ecosystem

Europäische Dateninfrastrukturen

Europäische Dateninfrastrukturen

International Data Spaces A Collaborative Organizational Moonshot

International Data Spaces: A Collaborative Organizational Moonshot

Federated Digital Platforms: Value Chain Integration for Sustainable Infrastructure Planning and Delivery

Smart Factory Web – A Blueprint Architecture for Open Marketplaces for Industrial Production

The International Data Spaces Information Model – An Ontology for Sovereign Exchange of Digital Content

Cyber‑Physical Loops as Drivers of Value Creation in NDE 4.0

NDE Perception and Emerging Reality: NDE 4.0 Value Extraction

Data Ecosystems: Sovereign Data Exchange among Organizations

Data Sovereignty and Data Space Ecosystems

Editorial 2019

Designing a multi-sided data platform: findings from the International Data Spaces case

Research Paper 2019

NDE 4.0 - The Fourth Revolution in Non-Destructive Evaluation

Paper 2019