The deep dive

Explore studies and publications by affiliated researchers for a deeper understanding of our mission and goals.

Studies & external papers

Towards a Data Economy: An Enabling Framework

GAIA-X Data Space Business Committee Position Paper

Predictive Maintenance for Wind Turbines – Energy Data Space Whitepaper

White Paper 2021

Data Sharing Coalition Blueprint

June 2021

Data Sovereignty and Data Economy - Two Repulsive Forces?

Position Paper May 2021

How to Share Data (In German)

Case Study April 2021

Data Sharing Canvas

April 2021

Data protection & data security in data ecosystems (In German)

White Paper 2021

Use Case Playbook

Playbook 2021

Posicionamiento sobre los Espacios de Datos (in Spanish)

White Paper 2021

Digital Sovereignty – Status Quo and Fields of Action (in German)

March 2021

GAP Analysis: From Data Sharing Proofs-of-Concept Towards Operationalization of the System Architecture

December 2020

Predictive Maintenance for Wind Energy Plants – Energy Data Space Whitepaper (in German)

White Paper 2020

Data Sovereignty and Soft Infrastructure: Key Enablers of the European Data Economy

External White Paper 2020

Towards a European-Governed Data Sharing Space

External Position Paper 2020

Share to Gain: Unlocking Data Value in Manufacturing

White Paper 2020

Cyber Security Check


Challenges and Potentials of a Logistic Data Space

Position Paper 2019

Data Logistic and AI in Insurance Risk Management

External White Paper 2019

German Dutch Action Plan for the Smart Industry

(in German)

Data Exchange as a First Step Towards Data Economy

PwC Study