The deep dive

Explore position papers and strategy statements by our board members and affiliated researchers for a deeper understanding of our mission and goals.

New Business Models for Data Spaces Grounded in Data Sovereignty

Position Paper 2021 Sneak Preview Version

Data Sovereignty – Critical Success Factor for the Manufacturing Industry

Position Paper 2021 Version 1.0

Usage Control in the International Data Spaces

Position Paper 2021 Version 3.0


Position Paper 2021

Implementing the European Strategy on Data. Role of IDS

Position Paper 2020

GDPR Related Requirements and Recommendations for the IDS Reference Architecture Model

Position Paper 2019

IDS Certification Explained

Position Paper 2019  Version 1.0

Blockchain Technology in IDS

Position Paper 2019


Position Paper 2019

Open Data Spaces Towards the IDS Open Data Ecosystem

Position Paper 2018

Jointly Paving the Way for a Data Driven Digitalisation of European Industry

Position Paper 2018