GAIAboX - Secure Resource Management, File Storage and Data Exchange in IDS


The idea of GAIAboX is prototyping a secure and sovereign resource management and file storage. It is accessible via FTP, SSH and HTTP and follows the concept of “Linked Data Platform” (LDP, see W3C). The achievement of GAIAboX is not limited to data sharing, as open inventory platform it also allows representing any resource.

GAIAboX will also provide application protocols like mqtt, gRPC, WebSockets in order to make “publish/subscribe” available. It intends to provide data and information in a standardized and semantically described manner according to the concept of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS), thus enabling interoperability and easy interaction.


GAIAboX ensures data sovereignty by using the technologies of the IDS Architecture. It acts as an IDS Connector Provider. Along with finely-grained access control to the stored resources, the concept of IDS usage control will also be established.

The storing of any resource in a GAIAboX can be enriched with a contract or a policy deciding on where to remain and how to use the resource. GAIAboX is implementing a web client application in order to get access to other GAIAboXes, too.



  • Platform independency
  • IDS conformity
  • Deploying to clouds such as AWS, Azure and edge-server


  • nicos AG

Main Technology/IDS Components

  • Linked Data Platform (LDP)
  • IDS Connector technology
  • Publish/ subscribe mechanisms