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NTT Testbed on Data Governance and Sovereignty Across Countries and Companies


Data sharing across countries, industries and companies can help solve the major social issues that are mentioned in sustainable development goals, as well as help create new digital businesses. However, structural problems such as confidentiality and trust, as well as the global trend of data protection, have largely prevented companies from freely sharing and exchanging data in ways that would help to solve these problems. One important example is climate change, and our use case is specifically aimed at this issue.


In order to enable data to flow freely, we have been working on ensuring protecting data sovereignty and ensuring cybersecurity by using Smart Data Platform with Trust. This platform is a data infrastructure, developed by Japanese telecommunications carrier NTT, that enables secure and trusted data sharing based on consensus among stakeholders. 

Using the Smart Data Platform with Trust, NTT has built a testbed among Japan, Switzerland, and Germany for demonstrating a use case of CO2 reduction and circular economy. This use case visualizes differing power consumption for the production of drones at different locations. To do this, it uses trusted data exchange from manufacturing processes in Germany and Switzerland. 

This testbed also demonstrates that data sharing between Japan and Europe is possible when partners use GAIA-X and IDSA’s core technology: the IDS Connector.

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By Akira Sakaino



  • Enables trusted and sovereign data sharing across international borders, industries and companies
  • Supports solutions to major global social issues, such as climate change
  • Enhances cooperative and sustainable value creation


  • NTT Communications
  • NTT Software Innovation Center
  • Siemens
  • Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne
  • Fraunhofer ISST
  • Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative (RRI)

Main Technology

  • NTT Smart Data Platform with Trust
  • IDS Connector (Dataspace Connector)
  • DAPS
  • OPC UA
  • Things Cloud
  • MindSphere