Maritime Data Space


Maritime shipping companies are required by law to transmit a set of important data before entering every port. There are various industry solutions for this data exchange such as the Veracity ecosystem in the market today. All of them are very complex and time intensive to manage.

Providers and organizations on shore do not have access to ship data like emissions, fuel consumption and route details. Data access agreements between data providers such as ship owners, authorities or shipyard equippers as well as service providers that take care of for example data analysis and process improvements have to be negotiated individually.

A common ecosystem for data exchange from ship to shore , that simplifies the process and does not exist.


The IDS-based Maritime Data Space brings together all participants and platforms in one trusted and secure data ecosystem. It ensures transparent access to ship-related data, enables secure, stable and efficient communication between ship and shore, and provides value-added and trusted services for ship operations.

Autonomous shipping, environmental sustainability, industry 4.0 technologies, and the connection between ships are current trends that the Maritime Data Space addresses in an innovative way.

The combination of the Norwegian DNV GL Veracity data platform with an IDS-based ecosystem strengthens Norway’s position in international maritime data exchange and sharing.

Last but not least, the Maritime Data Space satisfies customer and regulatory demand for transparency.

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Video: Maritime Data Space presented at the "Spotlights on IDSA's Assets and Achievements" live session

By Bjørn Marius von Zernichow



  • Transparent access to all relevant ship related data
  • Secure, robust and efficient communication between ship and shore

  • Simplified provision of trusted services for ship operation


  • Sintef
  • Navtor
  • Neuron
  • Wilhelmsen
  • DNV-GL


  • Veracity Industry Data Platform
  • IDS-based components such as certificate authority, connectors and brokers