December 2, 2020

IoT Platform Conference

…starts with a keynote by IDSA on Data Sovereignty.

The German economy is on the threshold of the fourth industrial age. The mechanical and electrical engineering industries are shaping the ongoing digitization process more intensively than any other industrial sector: the mechanical industry as technology integrators and the electrical industry as an enabler of the new, digital industrial age.

Platform technology is regarded as a key technology in the networking of machines, the evolution of devices from simple to smart and the planning of intelligent production processes. In this way, the IoT platform will become a further interface between the two industrial sectors where technological and economic integration will be deepened. The member companies of the ZVEI will act as partners, customers and even as operators of digital platforms and will play a key role in driving the development of new business areas in the platform economy.

The need for information regarding the right IoT platform is particularly great, as choosing the right platform application has become a challenge in view of a large number of offers. A well-thought-out selection strategy is therefore even more important. What should be achieved with the IoT platform? Should the end devices or systems become more intelligent, or entire production processes? Does the company need both or even no IoT platform at all?

The one-day IoT Platform Conference on December 2nd, 2020, will give answers to these and other questions.

IDSA is very pleased that a keynote from CEO Lars Nagel will be the launch of this remarkable conference.

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Date(s): December 2, 2020
All Day UTC