New global telecom community launched by IDSA: a step towards trusted international data spaces

Jun 10, 2024 | News

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) has launched a new community of telecom providers, bringing together leading players such as NTT, KPN, and T-Systems to establish international standards for trusted network services. The goal is to ensure fair, secure, and interoperable data sharing worldwide.

The community’s vision is for telecom carriers to offer global data space connectivity services similarly to how they currently provide internet or mobile phone connectivity. This will enable companies to access data spaces as easily and securely as making a phone call, using the existing infrastructure of national telecom carriers.

Key questions and challenges ahead

The community identified several important questions to address:

  • Role of national telecom carriers: What responsibilities should national telecom carriers have in data sharing ecosystems? This includes aspects like user management, authentication, trust services, and data governance.
  • Requirements for compliant network services: What specific requirements must telecom carriers meet to provide network services that are interoperable and compliant with the Dataspace Protocol?
  • Interconnecting services internationally: How should these services be interconnected across borders?
  • Mutual recognition of trust anchors: What system and rules are ideal for the international mutual recognition of trust anchors in each country?
  • Demonstrations and collaborations: What tests and collaborations are necessary to establish a global trust network compliant with data space protocols?

By addressing these core questions, the community aims to remove barriers and enhance the accessibility of data spaces while promoting international collaboration and standardization.

This marks the start of a journey towards a more interconnected and trusted digital world, driven by the collective efforts of leading telecom providers.

For more information, please contact the IDSA head office.

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