September 1, 2020

Data Spaces Dialogue: Design Principles for European Data Spaces

IDS is not a blank sheet but a vivid and strong initiative which already proved that it is ready to take responsibility for implementing the European Data Strategy and helping to create the European Data Space. IDSA is offering to contribute knowledge and technology to the envisaged high impact project on European data spaces, to provide data infrastructure services to the operations of the nine European data spaces through its support organization, to provide advisory, knowledge and expertise to the European Data Act, and to provide a community of practice and a network of hubs and collaborations to support knowledge sharing and build up of required skills in the data economy across Europe and beyond European borders. In doing so, the implementation of the European Data Strategy will benefit from an established network of expertise, data spaces knowledge embodied in a mature reference architecture model, and ready to use software artefacts. This will speed up »time to market« of the strategy implementation. IDSA looks back on five years of paving the way for a fair data economy in Europe and globally and is ready to go.


Date(s): September 1, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm UTC