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Telekom Data Intelligence Hub - Creating Value from Data


Companies often lack transparency, security and trust with respect to the use of their data. For example, the companies involved in production, sales and distribution (supply chain) do not pass on important information to their business partners for fear of losing data and control. Deutsche Telekom facilitates data access with the “Telekom Data Intelligence Hub” by encouraging and enabling companies to exchange their data via a secure business ecosystem according to the principles of  International Data Spaces.


“Telekom Data Intelligence Hub” is intended to serve as a digital connection between companies and be both a source for commercial data acquisition and open data. The platform offers users tools for analysis in addition to acquisition, exchange and processing of data. Industry experts, e.g. programmers, data engineers, data journalists and data scientists, get the possibility to develop new business models, data-driven products or services. In a nutshell the it is relevant for companies of all sizes and industries but also for universities, for example, that develop models for the combination of data and algorithms to attain new insights.

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  • Secure and controllable data exchange including administration of user rights
  • Secure working environments for analysis tools to develop data-driven products and services
  • Simple search and use of data beyond company borders


  • Technology partners
  • Implementation partners
  • Solution providers

Main Technology/IDS Component

  • IDS Connector
  • IDS Broker
  • IDS App Store