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Download the results of current research on data ecosystems, data sovereignty and the foundations of a new data economy.

Data Spaces

Design, Development and Future Directions

October 2022

Designing Data Spaces

Designing Data Spaces

The Ecosystem Approach to Competitive 

July 2022

A Federated Infrastructure for European Data Spaces

by Boris Otto

April 2022

The IDS approach for cross-sectorial sovereign data sharing as enabler for extended supply chains: a dive-in into the automotive domain

Sovereign Data Exchange in Cloud-Connected IoT using International Data Spaces

December 2021

Constructing a Real-Time Value-Chain Integration Architecture for Mass Individualized Juice Production


The World of NDE 4.0

Let the Journey Begin

Data Move People – Mobility Data Spaces

Anthology 2021 | Version 1.0

The Elements of Big Data Value

Foundations of the Research and Innovation Ecosystem

Europäische Dateninfrastrukturen

Europäische Dateninfrastrukturen

International Data Spaces A Collaborative Organizational Moonshot

International Data Spaces: A Collaborative Organizational Moonshot

Federated Digital Platforms: Value Chain Integration for Sustainable Infrastructure Planning and Delivery

Smart Factory Web – A Blueprint Architecture for Open Marketplaces for Industrial Production

The International Data Spaces Information Model – An Ontology for Sovereign Exchange of Digital Content

Cyber‑Physical Loops as Drivers of Value Creation in NDE 4.0

NDE Perception and Emerging Reality: NDE 4.0 Value Extraction

Data Ecosystems: Sovereign Data Exchange among Organizations

Data Sovereignty and Data Space Ecosystems

Editorial 2019

Designing a multi-sided data platform: findings from the International Data Spaces case

Research Paper 2019

NDE 4.0 - The Fourth Revolution in Non-Destructive Evaluation

Paper 2019