October 21, 2021

IDSA’s Project OPEN DEI is a Full Success

In April 2021, OPEN DEI Task Force 1 “Data Sharing Spaces” published the design principles for data spaces in a game-changing position paper that created global momentum around data spaces. IDSA is committed to the task force and looks forward to continuing this successful work with more experts, projects and data spaces pioneers. Together, we have been preparing for a second iteration, the next step in the journey to converge and deploy data spaces that will drive the future of the data economy.

“This work resulted in a design framework for soft infrastructure as the foundation for data space ecosystems. The second iteration will further solidify the design basis, also significantly contributing to data spaces governance and standardization efforts.” 

Marko Turpeinen, CEO 1001 Lakes

In this new stage of the Open DEI task force, we will create a team of experts from flagship projects and most relevant data-sharing initiatives that will identify challenges and gaps in data spaces frameworks and implementations. The planned outcome is to provide guidelines on how to deploy data spaces. We have identified the key areas to work on for real solutions in the existing business world where data sovereignty is crucial. We are looking for the data spaces frontrunners who want to share their knowledge and provide insight.  

“The work of Task Force 1 went off to a great and very important start on the journey to fully implement data spaces across domains with the Design Principles paper. But it is not enough. We need to go farther.” 

Silvia Castellvi, IDSA Senior Consultant and coordinator of the Open Dei TF1

What’s needed is your engagement and experience to align solutions with the reality of our member companies’ current strategic and daily needs. By joining the team of data specialists and data users, you’ll become a co-creator with us on how to converge data spaces and provide guidelines on how to deploy them. 

Let’s work together. 

If you are interested in participating in this data spaces development please contact Silvia Castellvi (silvia.castellvi@internationaldataspaces.org).

Here is the link to our new design principal paper: https://design-principles-for-data-spaces.org 

We encourage you to read it (again)!

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