IDSA releases stable version of the Dataspace Protocol

Mar 1, 2024 | News

In a significant step towards data space interoperability, the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) announces the release of the stable version 2024-1 of the Dataspace Protocol.

When organizations or companies want to share data in a data space, they need to provide details about the data to enable its transfer. This is where the Dataspace Protocol comes in. Being at the very core of the technical implementation of every data space component, it ensures seamless interoperability among data space participants. The protocol’s specifications adhere closely to the functional requirements outlined in the IDSA Rulebook, which are based on consensually agreed industry requirements.

“This release is a great success. We believe that the Dataspace Protocol will play a central role in shaping the future of data sharing, fostering interoperability and trust across diverse ecosystems and sectors.”

Sebastian Steinbuss, CTO at IDSA

Compliance with the Dataspace Protocol

The Dataspace Protocol specifications will be associated with a Technology Compliance Kit (TCK), which will serve as an automated test suite for developers to ensure compliance with the Dataspace Protocol. This framework is set to become the foundation for testing procedures and will be integrated into the IDS Certification process in the future.

IDSA plans to articulate the roadmap for the Dataspace Protocol in the coming weeks, providing detailed insights into the planned enhancements and features.

More information on the Dataspace Protocol

By providing both human-friendly and machine-friendly versions of the protocol, alongside relevant schema files, IDSA aims to facilitate widespread adoption and implementation of the Dataspace Protocol within the industry.

For developers and stakeholders seeking further information, resources such as the Dataspace Protocol GitHub repository, documentation, and relevant schema files are readily accessible. Additionally, details on the Dataspace TCK can be found on the official Eclipse Foundation project page and GitHub repository.

For more information, visit:

Dataspace Protocol GitHub Repository

Dataspace Protocol Release 2024-1

Human-friendly version of the Dataspace Protocol

Machine-friendly version publishing schema files

Relevant schema files including the namespace ‘dspace’

More details on w3id redirects

Dataspace TCK information

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