Developed in Close Cooperation with IDSA: Telekom’s DIH Optimizes Cross-Border Logistics

Nov 30, 2020 | News

The EU is developing a new common data platform for logistics within the FENIX project. The project partners use Deutsche Telekom’s Data Intelligence Hub (DIH) for this. The FENIX network links all logistics partners within the EU and connects supply chains, flows of goods and modes of transport, minimizing bottlenecks and simplifying the exchange of information while protecting the environment.

As in a virtual marketplace, logistics companies provide information from their own systems to others via the DIH. Standards such as the IDS Reference Architecture and connectors based on the IDS standard ensure interoperability and data sovereignty: Data traffic is handled directly and exclusively between data-providing companies and their partners in end-to-end encryption. External or central data storage is not required for this. Companies retain full control over their data and can control at any time to whom, which kind and to what extent data is passed on.

For the press release of Deutsche Telekom.

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