Sharing of AI results and information among trusted supply chain partners


Supply chains are vulnerable, and industries rely on them. Therefore, it is necessary to combine new technologies for manufacturing and other industries with an industrial data space ecosystem to share AI results faster which will help stabilize the flow of supplies.


The AI.SOV project created a secure platform that has been designed to support industries in Europe by enabling them to share AI-generated results, including predictive maintenance, spare parts production, and new business opportunities across the value chain. The project has successfully deployed a B2B application that facilitates data-sharing among manufacturers and suppliers within industrial ecosystems.

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By Bjørn Marius von Zernichow



  • New insights on the use of data sharing platforms in the industrial supply chain are gained.
  • An educational module focuses on data sovereignty in the supply chain and provides real-world industrial use cases.
  • Stakeholders across supply/value chain share data based on self-defined data use policies.


  • IDS Connectors
  • Dynamic Attribute Provider Service
  • Governance Layer
  • User Agreement Layer