Telekom Data Intelligence Hub

Data space and components -as-a-service


Data space technologies play a central role in
the mobility sector landscape and promise to
reshape the way we move from A to B. However,
the true challenge lies in the art of transforming
innovation into tangible and robust products,
ready for widespread adoption in everyday life,
accessible and affordable for everyone.


The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub has industrialized next-generation data space infrastructure
through a sequence of projects and use cases focused on mobility. It includes RealLab Hamburg, Catena-X and Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility. The products are delivered as a managed service, freeing the user from the need to install anything but focus on the use case. To maximize compatibility and compliance, all products fully recognize IDS and Gaia-X specifications.



  • These products put the user first and reduce time to results.

  • Users can focus on their use case without being distracted by changing
    data space technology.
  • Early and real user involvement has improved the offerings to provide a
    proven and user-friendly interface for data sharing.


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  • Dataspace Protocol version 0.8
  • Gaia-X trust framework 22.10
  • IDS Connector (EDC Connector)
  • Eclipse Dataspace Components
  • Connect & integrate*: Easy access and data up & download
  • Digitial ID*: Provides verifiable credentials for authentification and provenance in a data space
  • Living Lab*: App development sandbox with
    built-in data space