New Coalition Launches Campaign for Data Sovereignty Now

Jan 21, 2021 | News

Today, a coalition of leading Europe-based technology companies, research institutions and not-for-profit organizations announced the launch of Data Sovereignty Now (DSN), a campaign that will press European policy makers at all levels to ensure that control of data remains in the hands of the people and organizations that generate it. The issue becomes ever more urgent as policies around Europe’s digital economy and data architecture start to solidify.

“Data sovereignty is going to realign the ‘data benefit balance’ by creating a level playing field in today’s digital economy. This will stimulate new commercial growth, healthier competition and vibrant innovation. We believe that the European Commission should take a decisive step forwards by making data sovereignty the foundation for every data initiative in Europe.”

Lars Nagel, CEO of the International Data Spaces Association and one of the initiators of Data Sovereignty Now

The Data Sovereignty Now coalition includes: aNewGovernance, FreedomLab, INNOPAY, International Data Spaces Association, iSHARE, Meeco, MyData Global, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, The Chain Never Stops, TNO and the University of Groningen.

The group plans to target European policymakers, influencers and interest groups to achieve its goal of ensuring that the people and organizations that generate data can also maintain control over it. A robust awareness and activation campaign is planned, including webinars, round tables and other events, as well as a full range of educational materials, including a website and blogs, research and thought leadership and discussions with media.

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