New Article Discusses Federated Digital Platforms for Infrastructure Planning

Aug 19, 2021 | News

Sustainable infrastructures for the society and the economy must respond to demographic change, be climate-neutral, resilient and economically affordable while promoting development and prosperity. However, the infrastructure sector is hardly innovative and little digitized.

In their recently published analysis, Konrad Nübel [Technische Universität München], Michael Max Buehler [HTWG Hochschule Konstanz – Technik, Wirtschaft und Gestaltung], and Thorsten Jelinek [Taihe Institute] examined trends and barriers in infrastructure planning and delivery. The main cause of the sector’s problems is the prevailing fragmentation of the value chain and the lack of a long-term vision for infrastructure.

To overcome these challenges, value chain integration is needed. The authors suggest that this could be achieved through an use-case-based, visionary, and governance-driven creation of federated digital platforms for infrastructure projects, and outline a concept. Digital platforms enable full lifecycle and accountable governance guided by a shared infrastructure vision.

A recommended approach for establishing digital platforms is the concept of DataSpaces and the application of the IDS architecture, which enables the secure and sovereign exchange of digital goods and services by their participants, such as data owners, data providers, consumers, and end users.

Read the full article via our scientific publication page.

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