January 25, 2024

How to build data spaces: our training program

Training is a cornerstone in driving the understanding and adoption of data spaces. Despite resonating within our community, data spaces remain a new and unfamiliar concept for many companies, professionals, politicians, and society at large. To bridge the gap between the conceptualization of data spaces and their practical implementation, education takes center stage.
Antoine Garnier

In this blog, we unveil our comprehensive training program designed to empower individuals and organizations with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Equip professionals with the expertise

Our focus is currently directed towards the development of two foundational training courses: the Data Space Technical Consultant and the Data Space Business Consultant. These courses are linked to official accreditations. The aim is to equip professionals with the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of data spaces with confidence.

To ensure a cohesive and standardized approach across the data space ecosystem, we are actively working to establish a Body of Knowledge (BoK). This compilation of insights and skills will serve as the foundation for accreditation, empowering training providers to formulate effective training programs.

Undoubtedly, this undertaking is not without its challenges. It involves a collaborative process of agreeing on various aspects, refining our understanding, and establishing a true foundation for excellence. Here, we recognize the importance of practitioner knowledge in the field of data spaces and rely on best practices related to the IDS standard.

Establishing a forum for discussions

With this foundation in place, a need arises for a dedicated space for discussion – a forum where matters of importance can be addressed. This is where our Working Group Training comes in. It will play a central role not only in the development and maintenance of our body of knowledge, but also in establishing criteria for engaging with training providers. This is where we explore the nuances of training, ensuring a consistent and effective approach.

We have set an ambitious timeline for this transformative initiative. The early version of the body of knowledge is currently in progress and is anticipated to be shared with interested parties by the end of January. This marks the beginning of a collaborative process, allowing training providers to commence work on the material, with the aim of launching the running program in the first quarter of 2024.

We are actively inviting all stakeholders: drop us a line, share your insights, and be a part of this transformative initiative. Whether considering partnerships or offering remarks, we eagerly await your input.

Author: Antoine Garnier
Antoine Garnier is Senior Consultant & Innovation Managerat IDSA

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