February 2, 2024

Breaking borders and fostering collaboration in the world of data spaces

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) has embarked on a remarkable journey of internationalization, breaking barriers and crossing borders to foster collaboration on a global scale. We have strategically employed a network of multipliers, including our hub facilitators, competence centers, research labs, and IDSA ambassadors – to advance the mission of sovereign and collaborative data sharing.

The foundation of our internationalization effort lies in its three primary multipliers: Hub facilitators, competence centers, and research labs. Hub facilitators act as centers of knowledge and expertise within a specific country, coordinating the activities of the entire IDSA network. We have established 13 hub facilitators across Europe and Asia, each playing a central role in orchestrating the collaborative efforts of IDSA members and partners.

Competence centers, the second pillar, focus on data spaces within specific domains, contributing specialized knowledge and skills to the IDSA ecosystem. With five competence centers now operating across Europe and Asia, IDSA has created a diverse network of organizations specializing in various aspects of data sharing.

The third element, research labs, represents a novel concept where projects, rather than entities, are hosted by scientific organizations. These labs work on developing IDS-based components and technologies that can be adopted by the market. We proudly launched our first research labs in Shanghai and Tokyo, emphasizing the global nature of our initiatives.

Reflecting the growth of data spaces around the world

The distribution of these multipliers reveals a remarkable global outreach. Our expansion goes beyond Europe, establishing a presence in key regions such as Shanghai, Tokyo, Bratislava, Beijing, and Malaysia. The growth of data spaces around the world reflects IDSA’s commitment to making the world smaller by encouraging collaboration and data sharing across diverse languages and cultures.

An exciting addition to the IDSA network is the IDSA Ambassadors program. Launched last year, the program comprises data space experts and enthusiasts who champion sovereign data sharing principles. These ambassadors are spreading the message of IDSA wherever they go, contributing to the global dissemination of data space concepts and practices.

As IDSA continues to expand its reach and influence, the organization anticipates exciting developments in collaboration with various stakeholders, governments, and ecosystems. The establishment of competence centers, research labs, and facilitators across diverse regions signifies a commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration on a global scale. The coming years hold promise for exciting news and advancements in the realm of data spaces, as IDSA continues to lead the way in breaking borders and connecting the world through secure and collaborative data sharing.

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