December 12, 2023

ZVEI Digital Conference

Every year, the “Führungskreis Industrie 4.0” conference, organized by the Zentralverband der Elektroindustrie (ZVEI, Germany’s Electro and Digital Industry association) is held in December to present the results from Industry 4.0. The orientation of the topics and presentations was always technical in nature with deep dives into the concrete implementation of use cases and development using the digital twin and the Asset Administration Shell (AAS). With the establishment of Industrial Digital Twin Alliance (IDTA) and within the framework of the Tech Days organized by IDTA, concrete technical implementations of the AAS are taken up and dealt with.

With its new name “ZVEI Digital Conference”, the conference now addresses the topics of digitalization, data spaces in production and products, and sector coupling for all lead markets of the ZVEI. The target group includes decision-makers, product managers, production managers, IT managers from member companies, and representatives of the press.

To cover the data spaces topic as best as possible, ZVEI invited IDSA CEO Lars Nagel to present how the IDS standard contributes to the successful data spaces and how a sovereign and cross-domain data space is actually built.

Join the ZVEI Digital Conference in Frankfurt! Presentation are held in the German language. For more (in German):


Date(s): December 12, 2023
10:00 am - 6:00 pm Europe/Berlin

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