April 25, 2023

Data sharing in the cloud in compliance with European standards

Europe is working on new technical standards for data sharing. How can you put this into practice in your company?

Through so-called ‘data spaces’, it becomes possible – while retaining control – to share data with other companies, such as customers or suppliers. This is often done via the cloud. TNO collaborates in Europe on standards for this, such as Gaia-X and International Data Spaces.

In the Netherlands, we are working on numerous applications where data sharing is important. Think of industrial supply chains, within the government or in healthcare.
In this webinar, we take you through this development and explain how you, as a company, can get involved. Find more information about the webinar here.


  • Data space: what is it and how can you join it | Matthijs Punter
  • Gaia-X and International Data Spaces | Maarten Kollenstart
  • Centre of Excellence for Data Sharing & Cloud | Peter Verkoulen


Date(s): April 25, 2023
3:00 pm - 4:10 pm UTC+02:00

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