May 19, 2022

Data Science Summit

Data Science Summit is DSF International’s annual event and the melting pot of the world’s best minds and aspirants in the fraternity of data scientists. Take time off, out of your rigmarole of business-as-usual to share and enlighten how data science is going to shape the future.

Each one of us can add qualitatively to the future, from the perspective of data science, if we can just step-out and see what the best in the industry and research/academia are doing around us. It can give us a fresh boost in our business and career.

The 9th International Data Science Summit organized by the Data Science Foundation International will be held on 19th May 2022 at The Convention Centre @ Dublin. The summit will provide unique insights into creating a data-driven culture in organizations, and the benefits of using data and analytics to drive the decision making process.

Connect with some of the most innovative people and ideas in the world of data science & AI, while learning first-hand from core practitioners and contributors, Data Science Summit will welcome renowned speakers from the space to share innovative ideas on how to correctly and efficiently extract the knowledge & insights from data.

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Date(s): May 19, 2022
All Day UTC+1

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