WeTech brings IDS to China

Jun 17, 2020 | News

The International Data Spaces (IDS) Association originally started as a German initiative and has expanded over the last four years to cover the whole of Europe and beyond. The new IDSA member WeTech Holding from Hong Kong is now taking IDS in China to help Chinese companies benefit from the IDS standard for sovereign and secure data sharing.

“IDS is not just a technology; it is the result of European industrial civilization developed to a higher stage. The wide application of the IDS reference architecture in various fields provide a security guarantee of a sustainable, regular and direct communication among people and enterprises, even machines in different countries, with different language environments and different cultural backgrounds, thus accelerating the integration of the world economy.”

Anita Dong, General Manager of WeTech Holding

WeTech will promote the concept and application of IDS in China to establish data sharing ecosystems and help Chinese companies to unlock additional value from data sharing. The IDS standard guarantees data security and data protection for all parties involved, establishes mutual trust among them, ensures a level playing field by means of a jointly developed and commonly accepted design, and enforces data sovereignty for data owners. It enables trading data based on ethical principles and common European values.

“We are very excited to welcome WeTech to the Association. They bring expertise in data technology and insights of different industry sectors that are vital to our future operations in China”

Sebastian Steinbuss, CTO of IDSA

WeTech gathers experts from the data technology industry. The team has rich experience in software development, digital data management, data technology development and data implementation. They will support the Chinese market with in-depth knowledge on IDS and the concept of data sovereignty.

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