IDSA and the Data Society Alliance (DSA) Announce New Partnership

Oct 11, 2021 | News

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) and the Data Society Alliance (DSA) took a step this week toward a closer alliance by announcing a new partnership for the further development of their global standards for data sharing.

“This is an important step towards an open standard for intercontinental data exchange. We are really pleased that DSA is supporting us in establishing an IDS Hub in Japan. Our partnership bears great potential for further cooperation and exchange between Japan and Europe.”

Lars Nagel, CEO of IDSA

The partnership aims to promote joint activities in Japan and Europe, focusing on data quality for cross-company data sharing and on certification and architectures for data sharing. Furthermore, IDSA and DSA will intensively consult on questions and developments with respect to data exchange, data catalogs, and data marketplaces.

“With great pleasure and pride, we announce that a collaboration agreement has been reached between IDSA and DSA. In a digital society, data utilization, sharing, and mutual use is a major driving force. Our goal is for everyone to enjoy a rich social life and development through the use of data, regardless of country, region, or business category. Interconnectivity and collaboration across countries and regions are crucial to achieving this. We expect that the partnership between the two organizations, leaders in data collaboration in Japan and Europe, will accelerate data collaboration in Japan and Europe.”

Noriaki Okui, President, Data Society Alliance

DSA is a general incorporated association that promotes efforts to resolve data distribution and utilization in all fields through collaboration between companies and organizations that transcend industry, government, and academia. The non-profit IDSA follows a user-driven approach to create a global standard for international data spaces and interfaces based on sovereign data sharing.

DSA and IDSA will contribute to creating and developing data spaces to ensure sovereign and trusted data sharing between all kinds of endpoints as an enabler for a flourishing data economy.

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