The Ecosystem Effect of Business Models Driven by Data Sovereignty

May 4, 2021 | News

Data spaces are a key element of the digital future. They offer new business opportunities and strategic roles in data-driven environments. And while the potential value is perceived to be high and a diverse set of use cases has already been established to explore the technical creation of data spaces, the underlying business model considerations have not yet been communicated broadly.

The position paper “New Business Models for Data Spaces Grounded in Data Sovereignty” shines a light on these topics. It offers its readers a comprehensive overview of relevant levers of value creation and highlights the multiplying effects on businesses from an ecosystem perspective. For that relevant tools of business, modeling is used and applied to the perspective of data sovereignty. Furthermore, a framework for roles within IDS from a business perspective is introduced, with each role being explained and illustrated by a diverse set of use cases and players already engaged.

At the core of the paper lie the value within each of these roles, which include governance, participants and support services perspectives, and the interaction with other players in the field of data sovereignty as partners and potential customers.

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