Spanish IDSA Hub officially inaugurated

Dec 2, 2019 | News

With the opening of the Spanish IDSA Hub, Bilbao becomes a reference in the construction of the European Big Data Industrial space and applications in Artificial Intelligence!

The Basque group of companies Innovalia Group, celebrates the launch of the Spanish IDSA Hub on December 2nd in Bilbao at Bizkaia Aretoa. The Innovalia Group, a strategic alliance of Basque technology-based companies that consolidates the commercial and development activities of 8 companies with more than 30 years of experience, becomes the coordinator and main promoter of this pioneer and important initiative in Spain.

Mission: The mission of the IDSA Hub is the development of the Spanish industrial data space ecosystem through development of product, platforms, services, processes that embrace data sovereignty. We should contribute with the development of the Spanish “federation” of the European Data Space.

During the launch event of the Spanish IDSA Hub, the Group will announce the initiative to facilitate the opening and reliable exchange of data between the industry and its role in the European strategy for the development of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, with representatives of the European Commission , the Bilbao City Council or the World Economic Forum, among others. The event will be closed by Arantxa Tapia, Minister of Economic Development and Infrastructure of the Basque Government.

Context: Our main objective for the event is to provide a comprehensive view of the scope of the hub activities and motivate the Spanish industry to build a strong data-driven ecosystem (digital infrastructure, digital manufacturing platforms, data spaces and smart manufacturing equipment). The message to convey is that no single company, country can do this alone. We should all work together to align and empower our products, platforms, services and infrastructure to deliver advanced AI-powered services across verticals that are strategic for the economic growth. We most likely start with those sectors that power our economy automotive, aeronautics, mobility & logistics, machine tool industry, health and energy. However, we should not forget two very strategic sectors for Spain – construction and tourism, but these communities still need to grow.

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