IDSA partners with SICK for certification of data connectors

Apr 19, 2023 | News

At the Hanover Fair, SICK AG and the International Data Space Association (IDSA) signed a cooperation agreement to execute assessment and testing as part of the certification of data connectors. In the future, SICK will provide its established infrastructure for the assessment and testing of data space components.

Representatives of the IDSA and SICK AG agreed at the Hannover Fair that SICK will take over inspection and testing tasks to ensure trustworthy data sharing in data spaces. In addition to the Spanish company Software Quality Systems (SQS), the supplier of intelligent sensor solutions is the second company to offer these certified inspection and testing tasks for the IDSA worldwide.

Andreas Teuscher, Chief Information Security Officer at SICK AG (left) and Lars Nagel, CEO of IDSA

Enabling secure data sharing across company boundaries will provide additional tailwind for the digital transformation in industry. We hope that this will provide us with more transparency and knowledge to harness the potential of a networked industry

Andreas Teuscher, Chief Information Security Officer at SICK AG

By becoming an IDS Evaluation Facility, SICK demonstrates their commitment to secure and sovereign data sharing in the industrial sector. We are encouraged to see increasing numbers of organizations taking active steps towards establishing secure and transparent data-sharing ecosystems.

Lars Nagel, CEO at IDSA

IDS is a widely recognized global standard that enables secure and sovereign data sharing within data spaces. To instill trust and confidence in data sharing ecosystems and their components, IDSA has developed a rigorous certification scheme that verifies compliance with IDS and other industry-specific standards and regulations. By partnering with an independent IDS Evaluation Facility, companies can ensure the quality and reliability of their data space components, which in turn helps foster secure and trustworthy data exchange practices.

To learn more about IDS Certification, visit: Certification – International Data Spaces

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