Feb 14, 2017 | News

Three days, 300 participants from 18 countries and a total of 52 sessions – those are the figures from the first FIWARE summit which took place in Malaga, Spain in the middle of December. The Industrial Data Space Association is also part of this international community of innovation-hubs, start-ups and companies that supports the establishment of public, licence-free and implementation-driven standards for software platforms in the fields of Smart Cities, Agrifood and SmartHealth. Lars Nagel, Managing Director of the Industrial Data Space Association, was on the podium at FIWARE Smart Industry Panel beside Prof. Gernot Spiegelberg (Siemens), Hubert Tardieu (Atos) and Chris Decubber (EFFRA – European Factories of the Future Research Association). Together they discussed approaches and common ground which provide platforms and architectures for the Internet of Things – such as Industrial Data Space, Fiware and Siemens Mindsphere, too.

The panel discussion was also the starting point for joint projects: they intend to set up use cases together, coordinate the Fiware and Industrial Data Space architectures and to find a common position on the RAMI model and in the European research landscape. “It is time to link initiatives concerned with the Internet of Things – both proprietary and open ones – to leverage the true potentials in a data economy. The summit was an inspiring step towards achieving that”, Lars Nagel draws a positive conclusion, “Fiware is a successful European project that already has many implementations to its name around the world and which has many use cases that are highly relevant for Industrial Data Space.” After this convincing kick-off, there will be a second FIWARE summit in Berlin at the end of May.
You can find more information about FIWARE here.

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