New research project Zero-SWARM launched

Jul 15, 2022 | News

Minimizing waste and pollution in manufacturing enables economic progress and conserves resources. The new research project Zero-SWARM – zero-enabling smart networked control framework for agile cyber physical production systems of systems – strives to achieve climate-neutral and digitized manufacturing through the adoption of 5G technologies in the European manufacturing sector. The International Data Spaces Association will contribute its expertise in sovereign data sharing in manufacturing.

The goal of the project is to develop a multidisciplinary, human-centric approach that will lead to technical solutions for an open swarm framework, a non-public 5G network, and a digital twin. Zero-SWARM will be a forum where maturing technologies, such as 5G and cloud edge continuum, data technologies and analytics (including data spaces and GAIA-X), and operational technologies are co-developed and co-created in 10 different trials.

The project includes three test groups (in Northern, Central and Southern Europe) with industrial test facilities co-developed with well-known industrial companies. In addition to the technical activities, Zero-SWARM includes a tailored program to engage a broad audience, including collaboration with Digital Innovation Hubs and key initiatives in Europe.

The 30-month initiative is coordinated by IDSA hub facilitator CERTH, a nonprofit research and innovation center in Greece. The consortium includes 27 organizations from 10 European countries and aims to help consolidate Europe’s leadership in sustainable data-driven manufacturing by paving the way for strengthening European innovation capacity and creating new market opportunities.

Zero-SWARM is funded by the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon Europe under grant agreement N° 101057083 with €8 million.

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