New Research Project: Big Data for Next Generation Energy

Apr 28, 2021 | News

Horizon 2020 project BD4NRG – Big Data for Next Generation Energy – was launched recently to unlock and exploit the economic potential of big data in the energy sector.

The rising decentralization of the energy system is unveiling an enormous opportunity for energy stakeholders to leverage big data & AI technologies to improve decision making. There are however some barriers hampering the exploitation of this potential, such as the lack of standardized big data architectures for smart grids and regulatory frameworks not enabling data sharing.

BD4NRG will develop a data-driven reference architecture for AI-based scalable big data management and analytics for smart energy grids. The reference architecture will align IDSA, BDVA, SRIA, and FIWARE architectures to enable B2B multi-party data exchange while providing full interoperability of leading-edge big data technologies with smart grid standards and operational frameworks.

IDSA will contribute to the definition of the Smart Energy reference architecture and will lead the Standardization and clustering activities.

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