May 11, 2018 | News

14 practical examples on more than 40 pages and a trendy design: The new use cases brochure was published and distributed at Hannover Messe for the first time. “In the last year the use cases have undergone significant development“, says Managing Director Lars Nagel.. “Many exciting projects have been added as well. It was about time for an up-to-date overview.”

The concept of the last brochure was completely revised: the new issue offers more information and more details about the individual examples from real practice. In addition, introductory explanations of the unique selling points – the so-called IDS only criteria – precede the overview. The use case process is also explained in detail.

In the presentation of the use cases, one innovative practice-relevant application is followed by another. Both the use cases and the participating partners are presented in a clearly structured way according to objectives, level of development and benefits. Projects from Siemens, Audi/Bosch and Telekom can be found in the brochure as well as work by Advaneo, FIWARE, Datatroniq, Setlog, Nicos, Cybus, Dataahead and Salzgitter AG. You can also get insights into the current development level of the Medical Data Space as well as the Materials Data Space. Lars Nagel is convinced of the usefulness of this publication: “With the new brochure we can display the entire spectrum that IDS is able to cover in practice.”

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