October 9, 2019

Need a Marketplace without Contract Fuss

Why the Industry desperately needs a common data space.
Robert Weber

Imagine you are a mechanical engineer. Your products run at different companies, different sizes, in different countries, climate zones, etc. You don’t always get the data from the machines without any problems – who owns the data? Your customers don’t want to publish their production data, they don’t want to provide insights. What if there was a data room where customers could anonymously set up data and restrict its use? As a participant in this data room, you could use the data, develop new services, and offer it to your customers. The result is a secure data marketplace without costly contracts. Sounds tempting? It is. The industry needs this data space – urgently, because those who want to start AI projects as entrepreneurs not only need company-internal data, but also cross-plant data. The comparison from the medical field is obvious: the local dermatologist can compare a person’s birthmark with his experienced knowledge, i.e. with his data, he can identify possible abnormalities, or he can compare the image of the birthmark with millions of data sets worldwide and recognize rare abnormalities. That is why industry, medicine and the consumer world need a secure data space.

Commentary related to the article “Unified Data Space: Better World” recently published in the Austrian Industrie Magazin.

Author: Robert Weber
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