Kickstart for Certification: IDS Reference Testbed Launched

Dec 16, 2021 | News

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) announced the publication of the IDS reference testbed, an open-source setup with IDS components that has been jointly developed by the IDSA open-source community. It is designed to prepare businesses for IDS certification and marks the beginning of their journey towards the creation of data spaces. 

Trusted data sharing takes place through federated data spaces. These data spaces are key to the global, digital economy. Of course, for businesses to share data along the whole value chain, the technical components of the data spaces must first be tested and certified. The technical environment in which this occurs is the IDS reference testbed. 

The testbed provides a testing and assessment environment for IDS development and certification processes. As such, it’s one of the key supports for the development of International Data Spaces. The best thing is it’s freely available to the data sharing community.

Sebastian Steinbuss, CTO of IDSA

Open source and publicly available 

The testbed is open source and publicly available. It contains the essential IDS infrastructure setup: certificate authority, Daps, meta-data broker and connector. The setup is designed to test the interoperability of IDS connectors and the conformity of IDS components to the Reference Architecture Model.

The testbed will enable companies and organizations to develop IDS-compliant components and test their interoperability. It is also a preparatory tool for IDS certification, as it can assess the readiness of IDS connectors for the process.

Discover the IDS reference testbed on GitHub.

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