Join IDSA and Catena-X in North America

May 26, 2023 | News

The Catena-X automotive data space, the world’s first collaborative platform for the automotive industry, is making its way to North America – and IDSA is on board. Following its successful launch in Europe, Catena-X is set to open a hub in the United States.  

Excitement is building for the upcoming Catena-X event scheduled to take place on June 5, 2023, in Austin, Texas. This event will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about the transformative potential of Catena-X and engage with key industry leaders.

The transformation in the automotive industry is in full swing. Electric vehicles are replacing combustion engines. At the same time, digitalization is creating completely new business opportunities. The Catena-X project connects car manufacturers, suppliers and service providers – via a secure data sharing system developed by IDSA and Gaia-X. What’s needed are applications that digitally track material flow throughout the entire supply chain to improve product quality, track the carbon footprints and enable the circular economy. The operating company Cofinity-X, business partner of Catena-X, will showcase carbon footprint and material traceability apps. Come and talk with developers, early adopters and executives from the participating companies.

IDSA framework for business gain

This is a unique opportunity to meet and mingle with the authorities on data spaces, the CEOs of IDSA, Gaia-X and Catena-X. Data spaces are a new and proven method to improve businesses and gain value – not just in the automotive sector, but in all domains. In Austin, Lars Nagel, CEO of IDSA, will explain the technical and governance frameworks, that enable partners across all industries to get better business results while having full control over their data. Data spaces are successfully deployed in many sectors in Europe. For example, a data space is an essential tool to implement smart infrastructure in a municipality or city. The program in Austin allows to dive deep into the use cases.

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Solutions through international collaboration

Why are we going to North America? Because it is important for the European data space community to work with companies big and small in the US, Canada and Mexico – so that together we can create international data spaces around the world. Jointly, we can better address big challenges such as climate change while harvesting the benefits of more efficient and resilient businesses. We are also expanding into Asia. Stay tuned for IDSA’s upcoming blog on our business explorations and collaboration with Japan. We hope you’ll join us as we work together to set the rules for the internationalization of data spaces!

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