ISO standard on data spaces officially registered

Jan 16, 2024 | News

We are excited to share that ISO/IEC AWI 20151: Cloud computing and distributed platforms, Dataspace concepts and characteristics has been officially registered within the TC/SC work program at ISO/IEC JTC1 SC38. This signifies that the committee recognizes the need for developing a new standard that will shape the future of data spaces.

The widespread integration of data into organizational processes and ecosystems, such as supply chains and marketplaces, is a critical aspect of today’s business world. The value derived from data usage plays a major role in most economies. To maintain data quality and trust across different ecosystems and adhere to associated rights and obligations, the standardization of data spaces becomes imperative. ISO/IEC AWI 20151 will guide industries and governments in implementing solutions for trusted data sharing.

IDSA laid the groundwork for this. However, while technical documentation like the Datspace Protocol, the IDS Reference Architecture Model, and the IDSA Rulebook offer valuable guidelines for implementing data spaces – they do not constitute a standard. ISO/IEC AWI 20151 aims to bridge this gap, outlining the concepts and definitions of data spaces, their key characteristics, and optional features.

Looking ahead to 2024, IDSA commits to forming the Standardization Working Group. This strategic move aims to harness expertise, foster collaboration, and effectively address the complex challenge of international standardization. ISO/IEC AWI 20151 shall be published next year.

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