iSHARE as an initial step of an IDS implementation

May 18, 2020 | News

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) aims to make a data-driven economy become reality, based on data sovereignty and data interoperability and thus on European values. A goal that is achieved through six stages, starting with trust and security. IDSA partner iSHARE is specialized in these two levels – their services enable companies a low-threshold entry into data sovereignty. This has potential to establish the IDS standard at the market.

The simplyest way to understand the relationship between IDS and iSHARE is by comparing their difference in scope. The functional architecture of IDS and the overview of its growth model show that it has the larger scope, while iSHARE focuses on only two of the six stages.

Reaching the first and conditional level of data sovereignty

iSHARE offers the opportunity to initiate IDS implementations by specifying iSHARE as a trust option and implementing the iSHARE agreements in enterprise software. This allows organizations to achieve ‘first level of data sovereignty’, get started quickly with IDS and lower the barriers for IDS implementations, which arise when implementing the full scope from the very beginning.

This serves as a strong foundation for market adoption of IDS. Companies gain the potential to grow into a larger sphere of data sovereignty, and to connect and share data with multiple international organizations.

Recently, Lars Nagel, CEO IDSA, and Gerard van der Hoeven, Director iSHARE, held an informative and insightful webinar about the fit of both standards and the collaboration between the two organizations.

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