IDSA Wins GAIA-X Funding Competition of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Jul 2, 2021 | News

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) participates in two projects – HEALTH-X dataLOFT and MERLOT – that had been awarded in the GAIA-X funding competition of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).

The BMWi had announced the funding competition for collaborative projects with a minimum volume of ten million Euros each and a term of three years. 131 consortia from business, science, and the public sector had applied in ten different domains. 16 projects received a funding commitment – two of them with the participation of IDSA. The projects successfully demonstrate the economic feasibility and usability of digital technologies and applications of GAIA-X.

HEALTH-X dataLOFT: Legitimate, Open and Federated Health Data Space in GAIA-X

With dataLOFT, citizens are to be brought into the focus of the provision, use and control of their own health data. The goal is the development of transparent cloud-based applications in highly relevant areas of healthcare according to GAIA-X standards. For the networking of the health care areas and the integrative use of data, the concepts of the medical informatics initiative, as well as legally binding standards and solutions of the Telematics Infrastructure, will be integrated.

“Health Data Spaces, where a sovereign exchange of data is ensured for all healthcare stakeholders according to GAIA-X’s value-based standards, are what enable digital transformation and a paradigm shift in healthcare”

André T. Nemat, Member of the Board of IDSA and Founder of idigiT

MERLOT: Marketplace for Lifelong educational data spaces and smart service provisioning

The goal of the project is to create specially protected educational data spaces and services that are available via marketplaces within the GAIA-X ecosystem. To establish data sovereignty, interoperable services will be certified according to their compliant data usage and provisioning. The implemented services will be interconnected to create data-secure AI-powered digital assistants that support learners in educational, career guidance, and career planning.

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