IDSA Data Connector Report published

Nov 14, 2022 | News

The International Data Spaces Association has released the first version of the Data Connector Report, a comprehensive overview of available data connectors based on the IDS Reference Architecture Model.

The usage and access to data becomes crucial for the economy. A common understanding of data sharing and data usage technology is an important aspect for the data economy and therefore for organizations, projects and initiatives. The IDSA Connector report focuses on technologies and concepts to participate in data spaces based on data connectors.

The Data Connector Report report provides an analysis of the current state of data connector requirements, needs and available solutions. Various implementations are available today and in use. This report captures 16 data connector variants and provides insights into their current development and usage status. Beyond the data connectors, this report provides insights into emerging technologies and concepts in data spaces and fundamental technologies that form a basis for data spaces.

The IDSA Data Spaces Report will be published monthly to provide insights into current developments in this area. You can actively contribute to the report via this Data Connector Report Contact Form.

Click on the image to download the Data Connector Report

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